Modern Meets Timeless: Bridal Photoshoot at West Yorkshire Wedding Venue, Hodroyd Hall

Happy Thursday folks – we’ve almost made it to the end of another whirlwind week with yet further highlights ahead and HOORAH for another gorgeous wedding event!



Hodroyd Hall is a new, upcoming wedding venue just on the outskirts of South Yorkshire and Wakefield.”

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“The Hall is a beautiful Elizabethan building, originally acquired from Nostell Priory’s estate by the Gargrave family – it’s steeped in history and stories so it seemed only fitting to design the shoot with a depth of vintage modernism to mimic the surroundings of Hodroyd.”

“We focussed the shoot around the beautiful Orangery, which gave us an incredible amount of light to work with and featured a eucalyptus tree, rooted within the floorboards.”

“This led the way for the foliage forward feel of the florals and inspired the foam free floral cloud above the centre pieces.”

“We were able to use some of the original china, vintage pieces and feature furniture which was so clearly embedded in Hodroyds history to align the venues past with the shoot’s present.”

“Our colour palette was focussed around soft pinks, warm golds and rich tones of foliage greens to mimic Hodroyds surroundings.”

“And of course I have to mention the dress, that fabulous dress; a huge part of our shoot featured around this dress, with its rich silk material and beautiful off the shoulder statement detail.”

“It was carefully pieced together with pretty headpieces to really marry up the old with the new to create the vintage, modern feel we designed.”