BELLA BELLE SHOES Metamorphosis, by Bella Belle Shoes: A Poignant Shoe Collection Symbolising Resilience & Hope

This utterly glorious editorial comes to you courtesy of Love My Dress highly recommended supplier, the inimitable Bella Belle Shoes.

I can remember meeting the designers when the exhibited their debut collection at New York Bridal Market – that must have been a good 7 years or so ago now. It has been incredible to watch Bella Belle grow into the global brand that it is today – a brand that has managed to maintain a genuine human connection at its heart.

This incredibly beautiful and feminine set of images and film are a celebration from Bella Belle as they emerge from a global pandemic and look forward to evolving. I absolutely adore everything about this whole entire shoot collection of heels, and hope you do too.



Enlivened with feminine and playful frocks, the editorial reflects the confident and spirited character of a Bella Belle lady, as told in colours.”

“As she evolves through every stage, she realises what makes her different is what makes her special.”

With how trying 2020 was for everyone especially in the event-based industry, Bella Belle did not lose steam.”

“Instead, it went back to its roots and created a poignant shoe collection symbolizing resilience and hope.”