15 Adorable & Fantastic Bridal Shower Ideas

1. The Wine & Cheese Party

For an evening of great food and drinks, we suggest hosting a traditional wine & cheese party for guests. For an added bonus, you can have a sommelier come to the house to teach guests how to pair the right wines with the right cheese. And instead of asking guests to bring their favorite recipe, have them “stock the bar” for the bride and groom with barware, and of course, great bottles of wine.

2. The Aloha-Themed Party

If the couple is going on a beach honeymoon after the wedding, why not throw an Aloha-themed bridal shower with a whimsical island vibe. Think a palette of greens and of course, a surplus of pineapples and frozen beverages. 🙂

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1. The Cookie-Decorating Party

For an intimate bridal shower, we love activities that get the whole party involved. Case in point? A sugar cookie party where you can set up a ton of icings and adornments where each guest can decorate their own cookies to take home. All you have to do is bake the cookies beforehand (we suggest accounting for three per guest) and have packaging at-the-ready (like traditional bakery boxes and twine) so guests can box up their cookies to take home.

Seeded at the Table

4. The Tea Party

Are you throwing a traditional tea party? These adorable tea sandwiches are the perfect nosh. Plus, they pair well with the vintage tea cups guests are drinking from (hint: shop local flea markets and Etsy for great options). These sandwiches, like egg salad or cucumber and cream cheese use basic ingredients for a very DIY friendly food option. We also suggest purchasing or baking fresh scones to serve alongside these sandwiches.

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5. The Carnival Party

A carnival themed bridal shower full of cotton candy AND a ring toss? Awesome. Guests can line up to win a special gift (everything from sample-sized perfumes to gift cards), by throwing the plastic ring and landing it on one of the bottles. This elephant cake topper would also be an adorable addition!

bridal shower ideas
Photography by Ether & Smith via Style Me Pretty

6. The Candy Bar

The candy bar has quickly become synonymous with weddings and bridal showers – and for good reason. Guests can select their own candies to take home, meaning everyone leaves happy (and on a sugar high). And, it’s highly customizable so you can incorporate the bride’s favorite childhood candies so that it really feels personal.

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7. Hanging Floral Décor

Tiny bud bases hanging on the walls? Adorable! These glass bud vases will make such a beautiful display for anything from roses to sunflowers and tulips (even potpourri!).

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8. The Coffee-Centric Favor

These personalized mugs are one of our most favorite bridal shower party favors. Not only are they actually usable, but we know guests will appreciate that theirs is customized with their own initials. You can also give guests coffee beans from your favorite coffee shop for some extra love.

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9. The Flower-Crown Activity

A cousin to the DIY bouquet bar, we also love a great flower crown activity, where an expert can teach guests how to make a beautiful DIY crown. An activity and a favor? Check.

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10. The Kisses Game

In need of another easy game to occupy guests? What about a “guess how many” game? Like this jar of kisses where guests will have to estimate how many are in the container. The winner can receive a gift of your choice.

11. Rose Napkin Rings

These lilac roses made of paper are a great DIY project for napkin rings. If you’re having a classic sit-down brunch bridal shower, we think these would make a dainty detail on guest’s place settings.

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Via The Purple Dream on Etsy

12. Quirky Drink Stirrers

There are bound to be plenty of drinks flowing, so enhance them with these key-shaped drink stirrers that have “love” written on the key.

13. The Soon-To-Be Banner

You’ll definitely need one of these personalized banners to drape near the dessert table or where the bride will be opening her gifts. It’s fun for the bride to see her new name and it makes for great photo opportunities!

bridal shower ideas
Via A Banner Affair on Etsy

14. Cake Accessories

Want to make dessert even more sweet? Consider cake accessories, like these birch forks that have love puns in different fonts printed on them. They’re cheeky and sweet.

Love Pun Forks via BHLDN, 20 forks for $12
Love Pun Forks via BHLDN, 20 forks for $12

15. DIY Glittered Balloons

For a glam bash it’s super easy to glitter just about anything, like these basic balloons that took a quick right turn to craft-town. Think glittered tablecloths with gold rimmed glasses and jazzed up mini champagne bottles as favors.

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